Japan Snowboard Camp 2020 | Snowboarding in Japan at Honshu


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Japan Snowboard Camp: Honshu

24 January 2020 – 02 February 2020

Airflights + 6 nights in Hakuba + 2 nights in Tokyo + 6 days ski pass + accompaniment, guiding and freeride lessons by our Zebra masters!

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From 24 January to 2 February 2020

There is a place on every snowboarder’s dream list where it snows every night over the mountains with evocative shapes, where you wake up in the morning and find a lot of snow of unreal quality and lightness. It’s not a legend, it really exists! It’s in Japan and we’re going there, are you coming?

Is this a SECOND TOUR?:.
Yes! This is a real second chance! The camp we organized in Hokkaido in January was an unexpected success, in a few weeks we sold out all 36 places. Many people applied late and begged us to participate. We were sorry to have to say no. In the meantime we didn’t lose heart.
We secretly went out of our way to organize a second trip, to the height of Hokkaido, if not better ..and we succeeded! The Japanese Alps are an inexhaustible mine of powder: this will be a more intimate and itinerant adventure, looking for the most fun and coveted freeride slopes! Places are limited of course.

Hunshu is the main island of Japan. The one where there is the Fuji volcano to understand us. In the western part there are fortunate meteorological coincidences due to the arrival of Siberian cold currents. This magic makes a lot of powder snow fall (for us). January and February are the best times to enjoy it!

Our base will be in Hakuba the slopes are within walking distance. Hakuba is a valley in the north of Nagano prefecture with 9 ski resorts within 30km. Also in 2019 it was the destination of the Wolrd Freeride Tour. With this I think no further presentations are needed.

We will always stay in comfortable hotels. Rooms for two people only. In Tokyo we will be in 4 star hotels and in Hakuba in 3 star hotels. Well yes, it’s your holiday and “traveling” should not mean “run away from home” ? We will take modern off-road minibuses for 8 people to reach the places with more snow in a few minutes. You will always be guided by our FISI instructors specialized in freeride.

In these ten days we’ll be snowing but not only that, it will be a journey in the true sense of the word. We will immerse ourselves in the modern capital Tokyo. In the mountains we will see things like snow monkeys and “ghost trees”, the ghost plants crystallized by snow. There are typical Japanese outdoor spas in the snow, where you can relax after snowboarding… and much more…

A level of snowboarding from intermediate to high is required. Skier friends can also participate.

We warn in advance that this kind of experience can be addictive. If you realize it’s becoming a problem don’t keep reading.

Other read the program ..which is already a bit like starting to travel…

10 days Tour:

    • Day 1, Friday 24 January: we leave late in the morning, flight departing from Milan (flights from other cities are organized if necessary.
    • Day 2, Saturday, January 25: in the morning arrival in Tokyo accommodation in 4 star hotel in the center. visit to the metropolis.


    • Day 3, Sunday, January 26: Tokyo in the morning. Afternoon departure towards Hakuba. Visit to the “snow monkeys” nature park along the way.


    • Day 4, Monday, January 27: start freeriding with the masters of Zebra: “Happo One”.
    • Day 5, Tuesday 28 January: freeride in the same area


  • Day 6, Wednesday, January 29: Freeride in “Cortina Hakuba”: Freeride Mecca in Honshu.
  • Day 7, Thursday 30 January: always “Cortina Hakuba”, we grind new lines.
  • Day 8, Friday, January 31: freeride at “Tsugaike”: the famous north slope.
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  • Day 9, Saturday 1 February:one of the 9 locations in Hakuba or the one we liked the most. Afternoon departure to Tokyo.
  • Day 10, Sunday, February 2: in the morning departure from Tokyo, arrival in Milan in the evening.
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Nb: You’ll be with Zebra staff every day, even in Tokyo. Evenings of Shusi, Ashai beer, Saké, and the Onsen (the famous spa in the snow). Then night skiing and whatnot.

Because that’s when the snow has the best quality. For meteorological reasons that we do not explain in those days “download” a lot of dust (see video last year).

The package costs 2490€ and includes:

    • All return flights with sports equipment transport
  • 6 nights in 3 star hotel in Hakuba (breakfast included)
  • 2 nights in 4 star hotel in downtown Tokyo
  • 6 days ski pass valid in 9 locations.
  • All private transport round trip as explained above
  • Fuel for all trips
  • Accompaniment, guiding and freeride lessons by our masters


  • Eventual insurance policy with unlimited limits (60€) – we can recommend what to do if you do not already have one.
  • Meals. Approximately 10-15€ per day if you eat at home, 15-20€ if you eat out. (Contrary to popular belief, food in Japan is very cheap. Eating in mountain huts costs almost half as much as in Italy)
  • All that is not expressly mentioned in the package.

To find out more about availability, payments and obvious further information write us at the form below or at we will send you a pdf with the detailed program.